Just because you have pets or kids, or are, frankly, a total klutz, doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. The first secret of styling high-traffic areas is durable, easy-to-clean items. The second is that those items can be just as chic as their more delicate counterparts. We refreshed a living room using items completely sourced from Overstock.com to show how you can stylishly bring a little more sturdiness to your space.

Go Bold…and Beautiful

Want to know where the really durable swag is hiding? Outside. Outdoor rugs are affordable and don’t blink at your foot traffic, plus they’re extremely easy to clean. They also come in statement designs that we love: Choosing a geometric rug like the one here—and adding some accents like a tough, lightweight tray and an easy-to-clean faux leather bench—will bring in a whole new look.

There’s another classic “cheat” if you already own an indoor rug that’s too small for a new space: Buy a larger, more affordable neutral outdoor rug (like this one) and layer it beneath your existing indoor rug to expand its footprint. It will also help accentuate the original rug and adds some extra cushion underfoot.Shop Modern Wicker Patio Chair, Nino Mustica Stretched Canvas, Mid Century Planters, Swaying Palms Pillow, Aldelfo Bench and moreShop Modern Wicker Patio Chair and moreShop Nino Mustica Stretched Canvas and moreShop Mid Century Planters and moreShop Swaying Palms Pillow and moreShop Aldelfo Bench and more

Have a (Sturdy) Seat

Not every chair or couch needs to be covered in upholstery that you may or may not keep free of red-wine spills. Paired with a plush velvet sofa and a mid-century lounge chair, an Acapulco-inspired wicker chair balances the weight of the room and gives the klutzes a foolproof option. (Remember how easy that rug is to clean?) Chairs with a slighter profile are also a stylish small-space idea that keeps the room feeling light and airy.

Show Fortitude, Especially with Fabrics

Yes, we’re gonna talk about polyester: Go for a vibrant pattern like these palm print throw pillows, and you’ll get a great print and fade-resistant, long-lasting style. Polyester “velvet” in a rich color, like the Sycamore Green of the sofa, is good at hiding stains and is easy to clean, too. Add a pipe-style bookshelf with industrial vibes, and toughness turns into decor.

One final tip: The name Overstock is just a name! They don’t sell overstocked items; rather, they sell on-trend, new furniture for less. With a crazy big selection of beautiful pieces, it’s one of the best sources for styling a home.

Find your style at Overstock.com.