For remodelers looking to design a kitchen on a budget Ikea’s latest kitchen cabinet system is a savior. We here at Ringalevio are big fans and there’s lots of great examples that we’ll share with you in following posts. But for starters let us just tell you why we love them. And why you should too.

First, Ikea Kitchens are offer maximum customization. Their modular design means that you can swap out components to get the pieces – and look – you need easily. Doors, drawers, hardware, you name it.

Second, the cabinetry is frameless, meaning the cabinet doors cover the entire front face of the cabinet. This is called “European” cabinets. Not only do they look more finished and elegant, but also it is easy to swap out the doors and drawer fronts for a custom-on-the-outside, Ikea-on-the-inside project. Add to this that there are several great companies that offer pieces that fit into the Ikea system and you have yourself as many options for color, style, and finish that you could dream of. We have a whole post on our favorite add ons that will really make your kitchen shine. Architects, designers, and contractors like them for their modularity, standard sizing, and

Third- high quality. The boxes and the drawers and the hinges all are high end. They work well adn they are guaranteed to stay that way. In fact Ikea offers a 25 year warranty on their cabinets. Try getting that from a custom cabinet maker.

Fourth they are affordable (the most expensive base cabinet is $413). An Ikea kitchen will cost you one-fourth to one third of what a custom job would run. Even if you add some higher end finishes or nicer fronts you’re still going to save a bundle.

Fifth- they are beautiful. you’ll be so happy with the way your kitchen looks you my even want to start a blog to write about it 🙂